The enchanted gardens of Ohau Point

Our most beautiful discovery in Wellington (New Zealand) is definitely Ohau Point. By chance, in August 2021, we bumped into this marvellous temperate mesophotic reef, the beauty of which had nothing to envy to a tropical reef. Every inch of rock was soaked with life and the sand was covered with a carpet of white-striped anemones that looked like a meadow of daisies. We found ourselves surrounded by a myriad of sponges, anemones, sea squirts, hydroids and bryozoans (moss animals) in the most varied colours and shapes.

The reef was found at ~ 25 m in a coastal area of the Cook Strait, near Ohau Point (Wellington). Strong tidal currents allow the presence of rich communities of filter-feeding animals such as sponges, anemones and corals. These animals thrive on the food carried by the currents, which is rich in plankton and organic matter.

Our mission now is to characterise this exceptionally rich and diverse habitat and ensure that it is preserved from now on.

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